Friday, May 07, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice...

if I were the sort of blogger who posted once or twice a week? Maybe. We are required to post weekly to our school blogs. Mine is really boring...just stuff about what is going on in my library at school, etc., etc. I really doubt anyone reads it, but the powers that be. So I post every week. Since this is my personal blog, I take too many liberties and forget to post for weeks at a time. This weekend is Mother's Day, so I hope any mothers out there reading this have a terrific day and feel appreciated. We'll see how mine goes.
I will get to see my newest grandchild, but I don't know if I will bet to hold hold him. I have had bronchitis and it is still hanging on in the form of a nasty annoying cough.
So let's see if I have any new pictures to show you.

This is my husband about a month ago holding Collin. Collin was a month old then. And he will be two months old tomorrow.
This past weekend (May 1 & 2) we had tremendous rainfall. amounts. This is my backyard before most of the rain fell.
This is to the right in the next door neighbor's backyard.
And this is in the front off to the right of my house. There is a spring that gets up and runs off by my house and then out into the back.
So that's all I have for now. More baby pics to come after Sunday!