Thursday, June 29, 2006

Last package of the day!

This box came from California from Paula! Thanks Paula! Lovely scarves--this one is a silky feeling furry scarf. Yum! Isn't this cute with the pink beads!
Lovely combination of the two green yarns. If Sarah saw this one she would want it too! (Her favorite color is green)
Nice and thick and soft. Fun fur held together with another green yarn. This one will be really warm.
Lovely soft pinks and fun fur!
These packages today brought our total up to 105 scarves, 13 hats, and 1 shawl. And there are more on the way!

All the way from California!

Two packages from Susie! Beautiful color! Beautiful feel!
Nice and soft and fuzzy!
One more package to go!

Bustin' out!

I got this package today. It was busted open and barely closed. See what was inside? Yep! More scarves & one hat. Pics follow.
The one on the left is made with two different colors fun fur and the one on the left is a potato chip scarf.
Two really soft and yummy scarves.
These two were zigzag in shape, very pretty and soft also.
This one was very pretty and soft too.
The top scarf has a braid going down the middle. the middle is a keyhole scarf, and the bottom is very furry and has a ruffle at each end. Very, very cute!
Top is another fun fur and the bottom is trimmed in fun fur.
Another furry beautiful purple scarf with ruffles at each end. The green one my 10 year-old daughter fell in love with. I will have to find out what yarn and make one for her. BTW, it is the potato chip scarf pattern also. The hat was very cute. I don't normally go for beige, but I really like the look of this yarn.
That was just the first package of the day!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More scarves and hats!

This if a waffle stitch scarf from LB Homespun I finished on Tuesday. Iam working on the Big Bad Baby Blanket right now and should finish it up, I hope, by Friday. Then it's back to the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. These next 5 pics are 4 scarves and 2 hats that were sent in by Dot in Mississippi. Lovely, aren't they?

This is what my husband has been working on all week. He had lumber delivered yesterday and made a frame and platform on which to set the pool. It has to be level and our yard is anything but level. I'm pretty sure there isn't even one square foot that is level. Anyway, it is in the process of filling with water. I shut it off about 45 minutes ago and will resume again tomorrow.

Monday, June 26, 2006


I've been swatching different lace weight yarns to use in the Mystery Stole 2 KAL. I regularly read Pink Lemon Twist and she is heading up this KAL. I do need to finish up the Diamond Fantasy shawl first but this KAL begins July 15, I think, so I should have time. First I will finish up the last charity scarf and the Big Bag Baby Blanket for my new (step)grand-daughter.
Anyway, I think I will go with the bottom yarn, Zephyr Wool-Silk in the Iris color. All of these were yummy, but I am in a purple mood right now and Melanie(of Pink Lemon Twist) said she thought bright jewel tones would look best with this pattern. So Zephyr it is!. BTW, I got this yarn from Great and quick service! Later!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Slow but sure...

might have won the race, but it doesn't provide many FO's. Here is what I managed to finally finish yesterday. These are the Gecko Eyes socks that have been started at least 3 times and finally was satisfied enough to finish up yesterday. Whew! Now on to other things.


That's all I can manage to say when I received this box yesterday in the mail. These all came from Barbara in Indiana. They are all beautiful and, of course, they are for the Markey Cancer Project. And what a great idea to include a yarn label so that the care instruction will be with the scarves and hats. Thanks, Barbara!
This brings us up to 79 scarves and 10 hats and 1 shawl.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

June birthdays

There are lots of June birthdays to celebrate in my family. This first picture is of my nephew, John Michael(in the red shirt) and that's his cousin Jonathan next to him(my sil's side of the family) His birthday was last week on the 14th(flag day) and he turned 11. This picture is of Margaret Jean who will be 13 on July 4. Of course, that is Sarah in the green shirt behind her. This is Michelle, my step daughter who will turn 21 on Tuesday, the 20th. That's my brother in law, Dave behind her. He is married to Jimmy's sister. Oh, and we go back to my mother in law's house next Sunday to celebrate Margaret's birthday(Jimmy's sister) which is on that very day!

On Friday,

I got another box from Mary in Washington state. It contained these beautiful scarves. We are up to 66 scarves now, along with 7 hats and 1 shawl. I still have to finish at least one more scarf and I have some more yarn I want to make at least a couple more hats out of some cotton I bought last year for scarves and didn't get finished. We will see how I do.