Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sickness, socks and yarn

So I am back in a week. This week has been eventful. First of all I knit socks, lots of socks. So ... I finished my latest pair, Stashbuster Spirals. I belong to the Six_Sox_Knitalong and this was the latest pattern. Another one will follow in April. Now I am working on a pair of Ripple socks in Opal Elements, I forget which number. The have pink, blue, and yellow in them sort of like a rainbow. Then I need to make the same pattern using Lorna's Laces shepherd sock in the Desert Rose colorway.
I also started a Booga Bag in a Noro Kureyon color that is too old to remember - blues, pinks, purples. Really pretty!
I am still working on my WIP/UFO list so I can post it here and slowly finish things up. I want to finish up at least one old project to one new project, but haven't started that yet. Will start with the Booga Bag and then I can start a new one after that.
OK, the sickness part--my husband of 11 years has bronchitis, really bad. He has been off work for the last two days and really had me worried when he couldn't breath, at all, Thursday night. He is slowly getting better now and I am a little relieved about that. But he has a long way to go still.
And last but not least, the yarn...I ordered a bunch of Cascade 220 for felting a couple of weeks ago and it came in this week. Then today, while I was in Lexington, I stopped at the LYS and picked out (with help from my 20 yo DD) some Kureyon to coordinate with some of the Cascade 220. I have 7 bunches ready now to start purses for Christmas presents. Sure hope I can get them all done by then.
I work at Weight Watchers part-time as a receptionist and took my turn at the Center today. That is why I was in Lexington. I sure am tired after working all morning.
Woke up to a little covering of snow this morning, it melted off quickly as the ground was still warm. It has never gotten cold long enough for the ground to completely cool off.
I can't think of anything else to write for now, so I guess I will sign off for now.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Back again

I am hoping I can post at least once a week on this to try to keep up with things. I also want to learn to put pictures up on this...but in the meantime here is the link to my picture album on Yahoo --

I finished the first of a pair of Stashbuster Spirals. I am past the heel and moving up the leg of the second sock. I am hoping I can get this one done by tomorrow night.

Yuck! I have to do some housework today. I am so far behind and I have bunches of dishes to do, the sweeper to run and I have at least one load of laundry to do and also change the sheets on the bed.

Monday night, when I got home from working the Paris Weight Watchers meeting, I discovered my 9 year old daughter had decided to cut her bangs. They looked awful. Fortunately, we had appointments for Friday afternoon to cut hair and Judy was able to make it look more presentable. By next month, they should be back to normal. I don't know what possessed her.

I want to finish up a pair of socks in Opal by the end of this month also and I have loads of other UFOs to finish also. If I can knock off one pair of socks and one UFO per month I will be going strong. Maybe I should make a list of my UFOs and try to mark them off that way. If I put it in writing, I hope I can stick to it.

Guess I had better get off here and start on the housework. Then I can knit and not feel guilty.

Oh, yeah...I still have to make a run to WalMart before the day is over too. The 9 yo is in bed with a fever right now. She threw up last night about 3 or 4 times and has had at least 2 runs to the bathroom with the runs. Hope she gets over it soon or I may have to wait till Jimmy gets home to go to the store.
Oh, well...that's the way it goes. :-(

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Hair and socks

OK. So I haven't posted for a few days. I never said I was going to post every day. I will be doing well to post once a week.
So, anyway...yesterday, I get home between 7:30 and 8:00 and my 9 yo daughter has decided to cut her own bangs and now they curve up into the middle of her forehead. I guess I am really surprised it hasn't happened sooner.
I have not touched any knitting all day. I just don't feel like it. I wanted to at least finish one sock before the end of February, but it is not to be. Oh, well. I am almost finished with one sock and I need to frog (for the 2nd time) the heel on the mate so I can move on up the leg and finish this pair before the end of March.
I definitely have too many WIP's!
I am going to look into posting pictures on this also. Must do that soon.