Sunday, October 16, 2005

No pictures today

I had an 8 hour demo today, so I didn't get much done except some more knitting on the gray scarf during my breaks. I am very tired and need to do about 4 or 5 loads of laundry. It's not all getting done tonight. I will do what I can and finish the rest tomorrow. At least I got the floores swept when I got in this afternoon. I have another demo tomorrow also, only 6 hours. The yard needs to be mowed also, hopefully for the last time. It is supposed to be down in the 30's tonight. I wish it would get cold enough to freeze really good and kill all this stuff that is stuffing up my sinuses.
Well, gonna go now. I needs me beauty sleep.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Progress made...

but just a little. Here are some shots of the bathroom. The sponged pictures are the before pictures. The shots where the walls are white is where I am heading. The top halves will be white and the bottom halves will be solid navy blue. There will be a border around the middle of the room. I hope to eventually get all this done.

Here is a shot of the progress made on the gray scarf. It is coming along nicely.

Sarah and I had eye doctor appointments yesterday in Lexington. We made a couple of stops, of course, other than the doctor office. First, we took the car to have the oil changed, then next stop was The Stitch Niche! Here is what I got there...

I got the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs pattern. I may try to make a few of these for Christmas gifts. We'll see...
Also, two skeins of Ky blue Encore for another man scarf.
Sarah, of course, wanted some yarn for another hat and scarf for herself. The white, yellow, peach yarn is what she picked out.

Then we went to the big mall down the road. We went to Limited Too and got some training bras for Sarah and a pair of sleep pants also. Then a trip down to the other end to the Disney Store. My oldest daughter, Megan, had received a $15 gift card and I let Sarah pick out some things with it. She got two small stuffed animals(like she needs more...HA!) and a fold up brush. She was thrilled.
We left there and went to our eye appointment, the back to Nicholasville Road to the Super WalMart. I got a few groceries and some string and pins in anticipation of finishing the shawl and blocking it.

I have done a few more rows on the shawl but not enough to make a noticeable difference yet.

I was lazy today, however. I have been fighting a sinus infection all week of Fall Break. I didn't get anything done today except a couple of loads of laundry. I have a demo lined up for tomorrow and Sunday, so I better sign off for now so I can get some rest.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A little progress

I have made some progress on my Diamond Fantasy Shawl. Here it is pinned out some...

It's starting to look nice, huh?

I also cast on one of the Ch****mas scarves I need to make in the next two months. Here is the pic of that so far...
I have only done the seed stitch border and one repeat of the pattern. This is the Good Ole Cabled Scarf pattern found here...

This looks like a lovely pattern. Do you think it would be acceptable as a man't scarf? I hope so, cause that's what I'm going for.

On another front today, I went to hook up the VCR/DVD combo to the bedroom TV and found that the TV was too old to hook up to this. The only plugs were for the electric outlet and the cable hookup. So off to WalMart for a new TV. Got a new 20" flat screen. Really nice picture. Great to be able to see everything now, as the old one was only a 13". I got it about 13 years ago. Still works OK, so I moved it and the old VCR into Sarah's room, so she can watch videos. No cable hookup in her room.

I do wish she would stop tormenting the cat.

I am going to start painting the bathroom tomorrow. Gonna start with the white at the top half of the walls. The bottom half will be navy blue. Border to go around the middle of the room. Tomorrow I will take before pictures and progress pictures.

Better sign off for now so I can go back to my regularly scheduled scarf knitting. :-)


Monday, October 10, 2005


Today is the first day of Fall Break! I am going to spend most of the week knitting of course. Also have a couple of appointments to keep, but that just means more knitting time (and not feeling guilty about it cause I can't be doing housework instead). Here's what I'm working on right now...
This is a pair of socks using Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock yarn in the Desert Flower color. I am not entirely happy that the socks are fraternal. I wish it would look like the one on the left. But, oh well, they are turning out very pretty anyway. I am working on the heel flap right now. Hope to get these out of the way this week so I can work on something else. In other words I have too much on the needles and yet to do before the *C* word!
I will work on as much as I can and just accept it if I can't get it all done.
Also, really, really, really need to get the bathroom painted and the border up.
I still have my two Weight Watcher meetings to go work. But other than that, I am homefree for knitting (and reading) time! Yeah!
OK. So, in order to get some knitting time in I really must sign off for now. Maybe I can post a little more often this week, too. If there is something to report. LOL

Monday, October 03, 2005

Lucy Bag felted!

OK. Here is the Lucy bag all felted and dry. Doesn't it look cute? I love it. I used Cascade Pastaza for this one, but I am going to use some blue Cascade 220 for the next one. We'll see how that turns out. This one is really fuzzy.

I'm leaving you with this shot of our "queen" laying on a basket of clean towels. She truly is regal isn't she? Her name is SiSi (for Sierra) and she thinks she rules the household. OK, who am I kidding? She does rule it.

It is late now and I must go to bed. Gotta work tomorrow!