Monday, October 10, 2005


Today is the first day of Fall Break! I am going to spend most of the week knitting of course. Also have a couple of appointments to keep, but that just means more knitting time (and not feeling guilty about it cause I can't be doing housework instead). Here's what I'm working on right now...
This is a pair of socks using Lorna's Lace Shepherd Sock yarn in the Desert Flower color. I am not entirely happy that the socks are fraternal. I wish it would look like the one on the left. But, oh well, they are turning out very pretty anyway. I am working on the heel flap right now. Hope to get these out of the way this week so I can work on something else. In other words I have too much on the needles and yet to do before the *C* word!
I will work on as much as I can and just accept it if I can't get it all done.
Also, really, really, really need to get the bathroom painted and the border up.
I still have my two Weight Watcher meetings to go work. But other than that, I am homefree for knitting (and reading) time! Yeah!
OK. So, in order to get some knitting time in I really must sign off for now. Maybe I can post a little more often this week, too. If there is something to report. LOL

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