Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some things...

Back to my regularly scheduled knitting...
These are the Electric Slide socks using Opal Neon yarn. I'm ready to turn the heel now. I want to systematically finish up all the projects I have listed on Ravelry. This kit comes from the KnittingSurprise yahoo group. I don't think the pattern is widely available yet.
This is a basket I made on December 3. I took a personal day from school so I could take the class to make this. I will be giving it to my MIL for Christmas. I also bought another "kit" to make one for myself using different colors that will match my kitchen.
My new Molly knitting bag. Right here it has 3 sock projects in it. I love it! It's got pockets all the way around the outside as well as a roomy inside.
My old camera quit talking to my computer so...I had to buy a new one. The new one is a Canon PowerShot SX100IS. It is great. Much better megapixels and everything. I have learned how to take pictures and upload them to the computer. There is a whole lot more to it, so I am learning slowly. I will try to post a picture of it next time.
Another basket I made. This is a Christmas tree basket. I still needed to hot glue the stars above the trees. It's done now, but I haven't taken another picture yet.

Guess that's all for now.


Isn't she adorable? This is the oldest step-daughter's little girl. I stopped by the babysitters yesterday when school dismissed early to drop off her Christmas gift. It's pretty much the only way I get to see her. Her parents don't come to any family gatherings so we have to take the moments when we get them.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


All of these fingerless mitts are finished and mostly given away at the past Sunday's Christmas gathering. They were a big hit. I was doubtful about how well they would be received, but everyone seemed happy to dig through and choose a color they liked.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Reading level

cash advance

So... I was just reading another blog, I know where you can find it! and this was on her latest post, so I decided to try it too! I figured I would be elementary or junior high level. Surprised myself!

Why don't you try it too?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

spininmamma4 asked about the dishcloth from the Just a couple of things post....I believe the dishcloth is a pattern from the Monthly Dish cloth group I belong to. They have a knitalong twice a month. The link is in my sidebar on the right.
Back later with updates and photos....

Sunday, November 11, 2007


Just got this on Saturday. It is the Moonshadow Stole kit from Earth Faire. This is the latest pattern by Sivia Harding.Here is a close-up of the yarn and beads.
One of the socks that I am working on from the KnittingSurprise group. It is called Electric Slide and uses Opal Neon yarn. I am also using 2.25mm KnitPicks circular needles.
This pic is not too clear. It is a Sock Club kit from the 2006 STR Sock Club called Central Air. The yarn is the lightweight version called Titania. Using 2.25mm Susan Bates circular needles.

The beginnings of the Mystery Sock KAL with Socknitters SAM. I am actually behind by a couple of days. We receive a portion of instructions each week. The second part came on Friday and I have not yet begun. This is going to be the size of a Christmas stocking.

That's all for now.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


since the last post is in the pictures. The first shot shows two more mitts started. I've been working these Magic Loop and decided I could knit two at once.

This is the blue pair that were in progress last time.

This is the beginning of a pair of Jaywalker socks. I am using the yarn from a STR sock club kit that just didn't suit me after I was most of the way finished with it. So I ripped them and balled them up until I decided what to do with the yarn. It's the colorway-Walking on the Wild Side in the Silkie Socks That Rock. Very nice feeling.

That's all I have for now.

Will work on the blanket some tomorrow.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Catching up...

Joan suggested from my last post (and now that I look at it again with less tired eyes) that the pink dishcloth was Snoopy in his airman's cap from the cartoon strip Peanuts.

These top two pictures are of my Hemlock Ring Blanket progress. This will likely be a present. I plan to make another in green Encore that I have in stash also.

These are the fingerless mittens I have made so far using Opal yarns from stash using the Driving Mitts pattern from the 2007 Knitting Pattern-a-Day calendar. I am knitting on the first of the blue pair. All the yarns are using double strands.

I have this week off from school for our Fall Break. I plan to use this time to catch up...on housework, knitting, appointments. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just a couple of things...

Finished this dishcloth last week. I think it is an alien of some sort?
I'm really not sure. Anyway...

Got this in the mail on Monday. Love the colors and the pattern looks really neat too. Can't wait to start this one. At the moment I'm still working on the 2nd 2007 Blue Moon STR sock kit. The I have to go back and knit up one from last year. I'm a bad girl for not keeping up with these.
Heh, heh...


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Latest delivery and FO

I got the latest STR Sock Club shipment this week. The yarn is beautiful! Can't wait till I catch up with some of the others so I can start this one. Looks great!

My latest FO is a bookmark I designed myself. There was a contest and I entered this pattern. We'll see if it even gets noticed. I am sure there are much better designers entered. This is too simple a pattern to win anything. But I like it and will certainly use it.

Sunday, August 26, 2007


got these socks finished this morning. I have only managed to knit a few rows at a time recently and a couple of days ago I tried them on as I was into the toe decreases and discovered to my dismay that I had started them too soon. So...rippit, rippit! I ripped them back and knitted another 3/4 inch, then started the toe decreases. I finished those and kitchenered the toes this morning. I love the bright colors. They are so cheerful. Can't wait for cooler weather to wear them!

This is the cumulation of what I have mostly been doing this summer. Some of these I have already posted, but here is the entire collection thus far. I have another on needle right now and will probably start another in a week at the beginnning of September. I belong to two dishcloth groups--Monthly Dishcloths, and Rachels Knitting Room.

I don't really remember which cloth was from which KAL so I have just posted all of them here together.

Some make pictures and some are just new stitches to make beautiful designs.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Same song...second verse

Place setting for the bridesmaid luncheon for Michelle's bridesmaids.Bride and bridesmaids

Groom's family--aunt, grandmother, mother, sister

Friends of the family

Great aunt, grandmother, and good friend of the bride
My sister-in-law, cousin of the bride, aunt of the bride
Sister of the bride (Sarah)
Laura and Lesley
Michelle and Megan
Releasing memorial balloons

Rehearsal dinner pictures

Flower girl and ring bearer opening their gifts

After decorating the reception hall--table waiting for the cakes
One of the decorated tables
Reception hall
Unity candles at the church
Memorial candle for Michelle's mother

Guest book
Out front of the church
Bride and maid of honor
Megan getting makeup
Michelle getting makeup

Megan getting her hair styled
Michelle getting her hair styled

Megan and Laura lacing up the bride

Wedding party

My three girls
Bride and groom's first dance
Michelle and daddy

Bryan dancing with his mother
Flower girl and ring bearer dancing together

The cakes
The Maid of Honor giving a toast
Best Man giving his toast
Cutting the cake

Tasting the cake

Longest married couple--Bryan's grandparents
Electric slide

Tossing the bouquet
Removing the garter
Tossing the garter
More dancing