Friday, August 26, 2005

Here is the potato chip scarf using KnitPicks Shine yarn on the above left. The scarf on the above right is just garter stitch using Moda Dea Tutu.

Here are two of the Breast Cancer scarves I have been knitting. The one on the left is the one I am working on now. The one on the right is made with a block pattern using Moda Dea Ticker Tape.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

W. I. P.'s

These socks are in a kind of feather and fan pattern. They are for a Christmas present for my step-daughter, so I want to finish these up and get it out of the way.

These are the socks with the beads. As you can see, I haven't gotten very far.

I am going to sign off for now, so my husband can get on the computer. Till later.

Two days in a row...

Will wonders never cease. Can't believe I am back again today. Let's see how many photos I can post before I have to leave...

Ok, here's one...This is the progress I have made on my Six Sox pattern called Amble. You can't really see much detail, but it is turning out nicely. I happy so far.
Well, I only have 5 more minutes before I leave for today's demo, so I had better sign off and try again tonight. Darn this slow dial up. Can't wait till I pick up the stuff for the cable hook up. Bye!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

One more time...

I wrote out a long post earlier this evening and I forgot to save it I guess. Don't know where it is. So here I go again.

I have been doing some knitting on lots of projects. Well, actually, I have lots on the needles but am only knitting on three presently. The others will wait. Right at the moment I am actively knitting on a Lucy bag; the current Six Sox pattern, Amble; and a Breast Cancer scarf. Also on the needles, another sock pattern with beads added in; a feather and fan type pattern sock; and a halter top pattern from the Knitting Pattern-a-day calendar (June 3). I am determined to get the first 3 finished by the end of August and then start on the others next. I will probably cast on another BC scarf again since these are for charity and start another bag pattern of some sort. I am knitting up a bunch of these for a pick-and-choose Christmas present for the females in my family. They liked picking their own scarf last Christmas, so I thought maybe bags/purses this Christmas. Maybe do scarves or mittens for the men, since they got to pick a hat last year.
Let's see if I can post some pictures of these items...

Here is a progress picture of the Lucy bag. I am using Cascade Pastaza that I got on clearance from Little Knits. Great place!

OK...this dial up stinks. I can't get another picture posted tonight and since it is late anyway I'm going to quit for now. Oh, BTW, I am picking up my hookup for high speed tomorrow afternoon so let's see how that goes!


Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I know I haven't posted for awhile, but I was truly frustrated cause I couldn't get any pictures loaded. Now that this new feature has been added....... I got pictures!
Anyway, these are the Chutes N Ladder socks I knitted for the Six Sox Knitalong. This isn't a great picture, but at least it is here.
So....I will be trying to post more often and add pictures with each post.
Right now, I am working on two different socks, but both are with Opal solids. I am using the orange for the latest Six Sox pattern and it is really cool looking. I can wear these for Halloween. I haven't gotten very far yet to really see a pattern, so I am going to hold off on a pic til there is more progress.
The other pair is using the turquoise solid and beads to match. The pattern is kinda fiddly, and I am not sure I like the 9 stitch cable part, but I am going to make sure I finish both of these pairs by the end of September. I will have to start Christmas knitting again soon also. Knitting and felting purses for the ladies in the family, and not sure about the men. I am undecided between scarves or mittens to match the hats I made last year. I might try one of each to see how long each will take. I used Plymouth Encore for the hats so I am going to have to get more of the same colors to match. Hee hee! Another excuse to go yarn shopping. Like I need more.
Well, it is very late and I have to get up early to get to school to get ready for our first day next Tuesday. I have a long "To Do" list and haven't finished the first thing.
More later.