Saturday, August 20, 2005

One more time...

I wrote out a long post earlier this evening and I forgot to save it I guess. Don't know where it is. So here I go again.

I have been doing some knitting on lots of projects. Well, actually, I have lots on the needles but am only knitting on three presently. The others will wait. Right at the moment I am actively knitting on a Lucy bag; the current Six Sox pattern, Amble; and a Breast Cancer scarf. Also on the needles, another sock pattern with beads added in; a feather and fan type pattern sock; and a halter top pattern from the Knitting Pattern-a-day calendar (June 3). I am determined to get the first 3 finished by the end of August and then start on the others next. I will probably cast on another BC scarf again since these are for charity and start another bag pattern of some sort. I am knitting up a bunch of these for a pick-and-choose Christmas present for the females in my family. They liked picking their own scarf last Christmas, so I thought maybe bags/purses this Christmas. Maybe do scarves or mittens for the men, since they got to pick a hat last year.
Let's see if I can post some pictures of these items...

Here is a progress picture of the Lucy bag. I am using Cascade Pastaza that I got on clearance from Little Knits. Great place!

OK...this dial up stinks. I can't get another picture posted tonight and since it is late anyway I'm going to quit for now. Oh, BTW, I am picking up my hookup for high speed tomorrow afternoon so let's see how that goes!


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