Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bustin' out!

I got this package today. It was busted open and barely closed. See what was inside? Yep! More scarves & one hat. Pics follow.
The one on the left is made with two different colors fun fur and the one on the left is a potato chip scarf.
Two really soft and yummy scarves.
These two were zigzag in shape, very pretty and soft also.
This one was very pretty and soft too.
The top scarf has a braid going down the middle. the middle is a keyhole scarf, and the bottom is very furry and has a ruffle at each end. Very, very cute!
Top is another fun fur and the bottom is trimmed in fun fur.
Another furry beautiful purple scarf with ruffles at each end. The green one my 10 year-old daughter fell in love with. I will have to find out what yarn and make one for her. BTW, it is the potato chip scarf pattern also. The hat was very cute. I don't normally go for beige, but I really like the look of this yarn.
That was just the first package of the day!

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