Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More scarves and hats!

This if a waffle stitch scarf from LB Homespun I finished on Tuesday. Iam working on the Big Bad Baby Blanket right now and should finish it up, I hope, by Friday. Then it's back to the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. These next 5 pics are 4 scarves and 2 hats that were sent in by Dot in Mississippi. Lovely, aren't they?

This is what my husband has been working on all week. He had lumber delivered yesterday and made a frame and platform on which to set the pool. It has to be level and our yard is anything but level. I'm pretty sure there isn't even one square foot that is level. Anyway, it is in the process of filling with water. I shut it off about 45 minutes ago and will resume again tomorrow.

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