Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Two days in a row of posting and then I don't post anything for over a month. Ooops! Well here is what I have finished lately.

On the left is the latest pair of socks, Amble , from the Six Sox Knitalong Group. On the right is the 5th Breast Cancer Scarf I have finished. I am presently working on #6. Should finish it up soon.

I have also finished the Lucy Bag. The knitting part anyway. Still to be felted...Here is a picture prefelted....

I also have started a shawl...not my first, but by far, the prettiest one yet. I am using some Koigu PPPM in a nearly solid lilac color. So far it looks like a blob, but everywhere I read that once it is blocked it will be beautiful. Here is a progress picture....

Well, it's late now and I need to get to bed. I will try to post sooner than last time. So far I am not doing so well with trying to post once a week. Too much on my plate, I guess.


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