Friday, April 28, 2006

Just a few things...

Here is the Big Bad Baby Blanket I finally finished. It has been gifted and is certainly being used. I saw the parents in the grocery with baby and they had him wrapped in the blanket. Needless to say I was pleased. I used TLC Essentials yarn. It is very soft. I will definitely use this yarn again.

OK. Trouble #1 (aka Si-Si) has to check out the blanket.

Sixth Sense pattern from the Six-Sox Knitalong group. I used Socks that rock yarn. I will definitely use this yarn again. Yummy! As a matter of fact, I have already cast on another skein for the next pair.

This pretty scarf and the next picture also were sent all the way from California by Susie for the Markey Cancer Center project. Thanks Susie!

These next four scarves were sent from Washington state by Mary for the Markey Cancer Center project. This first one obviously used scraps from different yarns and I think it turned out very nice.

The top scarf is a mobeius scarf and very soft. The other one is a pretty mauve knitted longways.

This last scarf is made from scraps of different yarns also and I love it!

OK, some gratutitous pictures of the furry kids. This is Trouble #2, otherwise known as Mittens. She has a very strange personality. Standoffish and weird.

This is Sabrina. She belongs to my daughter, Megan, but resides with us. She is part Chow and Heinz 57. (Don't really know what else)

This is the old man of the group. His name is Rusty and he is an 11-year-old AKC golden retriever. (My husband's baby)


Kanda said...

I LUV your big bad baby blanket and am that a variegated yarn or several colors combined? It's GORGEOUS

Edna said...

Kanda, Thanks for your comments. I used TLC Essentials in a variegated colorway. I forget what now. I probably listed it back in some of my earlier posts.