Tuesday, May 16, 2006

FO's and packages in the mail...

So here are my Socks That Rock Club socks. They pooled because I divided the skein into two balls and knit both socks at once on two 2.25 mm circular needles. I like to do all my socks that way because is takes less time and I don't experience SSS (second sock syndrome). Also I didn't want to fool with switching back and forth between two balls so I wouldn't have this problem. These aren't a color I would normally buy on purpose, but I am sure I can find some reason to wear them cause I love the feel of this yarn. The next shipment should come in sometime next week, rumor has it that the next shipment goes out on Friday, the 19th. Can't wait for the next one!
This is the latest shipment of scarves & a shawl for the Markey Cancer Center Project. I just love getting these packages in the mail because I love seeing how wonderful and different each item is. I know how much caring and love is knitted into each one. BTW, this package came from Mary on Bainbridge Island in Washington state.
This scarf is really cool! The cream colored part looks like rolled up material. Wonder what it really is?
This shawl is really soft and snuggly. It will keep someone really cozy.

I still have my Beaded Opal socks to work on and plan to start another Big Bad Baby Blanket to go with the baby sweater/bootees/hat for the coming (step)grand-baby. Gotta go now!

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