Friday, February 02, 2007

A lot of catching up...

I haven't posted since New Year's Eve, I think I need to catch up with what I've done since then. I have made two more pair of felted clogs... Before...and
I have made one pair of fingerless mitts for the upcoming Christmas.
I finished an extra long pair of socks for me. They stay up quite well, surprisingly.
We had a little bit of snow last week. Here is Sarah with her mini snowman. She made two of them.
Here is the latest pair of socks I am working on. It is the Lombard Street pattern but I am not continuing the pattern down the instep because I don't like the indentations down my foot.
I will need to cast on for another pair of fingerless mitts because I want to knit at least one pair a month so I have enough for presents at Christmas.
Hopefully, I will post sooner than a month later.

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