Thursday, May 31, 2007

Warning! Lots of pictures!

One week before the wedding...practice run through with the hair-do

Cake from the shower for Megan later the same day.

These next several pictures are from the Bridal Attendant dinner give by my MIL
My step-daughter Michelle and Megan's best friend and maid-of-honor Lindsey
Far left in the background moving forward--my sil, Margaret, ex-sil, Fran, Megan's stepmom, Ernetta
Ernetta again and my ex mil, Dorothy
My nephew's wife, Amber, with daughter, Lillian
All the girls--Michelle, Lindsey, Margaret(my niece), Megan, Amber, Rebekah, Anna Kristin
my niece, Margaret, my sil, Betty Jo, groom's grandmother, Clara, and groom's mother, Debbie
my mil, Sue and Amber again
Ernetta, Megan, Dorothy
Megan and Granny Sue
Clara, Megan, and Debbie
Megan and Aunt Fran
my sil, Margaret, and ex sil, Fran
centerpiece from the dinner--silk flowers in a bowl that was my mother's
Below are pictures from the rehearsal dinner
my husband Jimmy, Fran, and his mom--my ex mil on the far right in the foreground
Fran's husband, Dwight, Clara and her husband, LB
the flower girl and ring bearer with their parents and Ernetta
three of the bridesmaids
Benji, the groom with his best man, Shannon, who is also my nephew
some of the groomsmen digging in
Michelle in the middle, to the left, her fiance, Brian, and the minister who performed Megan and Benji's wedding on the right.
Me on the left with Megan, Fran, and mil Sue
Benji with his mom, Debbie
More food!
All of the groomsmen--going around the table--Joey in the light blue shorts, AJ, Darrin, Justin, Shannon, John Michael
My brother, John in the white tshirt, and the rest of the gang following
fixing favors for the next day!
The next pictures are from the reception. I won't attempt to label. I will post more as I get them.

It took me three days to get these uploaded and posted to the blog. Hopefully, it won't take as long to post more.

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