Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mystery Stole 3...but first

My daughter is learning to crochet. She saw a friend making granny squares, and asked me to show her. This is her first one. Not too bad. She needs lots more practice. :-)Here is the yarn and beads for my Mystery Stole 3. Zephyr wool-silk in the color Vanilla from Sarah's Yarns and Crystal Rainbow 8mm seed beads from the Beadwrangler. I ordered both on June 10th right after I signed up for the KAL. The beads came in within a week. The yarn was nowhere to be seen. A week and a half later I called to see where my yarn was. Very nice to talk to the help at Sarah's Yarns who said obviously my yarn was lost somewhere on an UPS truck. She would send me a new batch right out. I got it yesterday. At 3:30. PM. Just in the nick of time to start on the first clue today. There is also my size 11 (1.10mm) crochet hook for attaching the beads on the stitches and the size 4 (3.5mm) circular knitting needle. (I am showing the Knitpicks version but actually am presently using the Addi version. It is working well enough.)
So here is the first chart finished. Can you see the little sparkles of beads. There are 14 in this section. My camera is not the best one so they don't really show up all that well. The first clue came with 2 charts, each one containing 50 rows. So I am halfway done. I am also working on last year's Mystery KAL, Scheherazade Stole.
I hope to finally finish up Scheherazade this year as well since I put it down for some reason and never got back to it. Back to knitting!

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