Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's about time

to update again. This is day #6 of the MonthlyDishcloths mid-May kal. Hopefully it's over tomorrow. The cloth is getting kinda longish rather than squarish.This is how woefully far I am on the Lenore socks. I finally got all the decreases done today in the gusset so now the foot. And toe. I feel as if I will never finish. I don't know why I am not motivated to keep at this one any more. But I will finish. Because the next installment of the BMFA sock club is on its way to my mailbox.
Now a couple of gratuitous shots of pets. Sorry the dog is blurry. I moved and then he moved.
And one of the cats...SiSi...who thinks she is queen
Tomorrow afternoon My 13 yo dd and I will be driving over to my older dd's house to petsit the dog and cat through Sunday while she and her husband go to Chicago for their 2nd anniversary. Hoping much knitting will be done. That is all.

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