Saturday, June 06, 2009's been a while

and I promised to update with pictures...and then life got busy. Yesterday was the last day of school for students. I still have 10 more days til I get a summer vacation. Below you see the latest shipment of the STR Rocking Sock Club -- Fraggle Squiggle Socks by J. C. Briar. I am into the gusset on these right now and will try to post a picture soon.Below is the MonthlyDishcloths mid-May kal -- Cabbage Patch knitted dishcloth

Lenore socks -- pattern by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. These were a STR sock club installment from a previous year. I am slowly getting the past kits knitted up between this year's shipments.
Spring in Your Step socks by Kerry Crone. I am using some Enchanted Knoll Farm Hand-dyed Fingering Sock Yarn purchased from The Loopy Ewe. Love this yarn, it's very squooshy and it is well matched with the pattern, I think.
In family news, Sarah scored well on her state tests and received recognition and a medal at the 7th grade awards ceremony this past Wednesday.
I don't know what is up with this picture. I took the picture correctly, but it refuses to load correctly to the blog. This is the June kal from MonthlyDishcloths -- American Flag dishcloth.
That was my last finish and I am still working on the two different socks. I promise I will post a picture at least of the Fraggle Squiggle socks tomorrow!

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