Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finish and start

I finished up the blue baby blanket I've been knitting on for too long. It is called a Mystery Stitch Blanket. The mystery is knit a stitch and then slip a stitch. This is reversible and looks the same on both sides because of that stitch pattern. I like it.
Then I immediately cast on the pink for this Textured Plaid Blanket. Trying to finish this one up faster so I will have a choice when the baby comes.
Oh, btw...did I mention my step daughter is expecting...within the next six weeks. Excited to find out what it is! My daughter is throwing a baby shower for her this coming Saturday. We went together and bought the baby swing she was registered for. Hope it is exactly what she wants.
That's all for now!


Jean Jaques said...

Hello! Just bloghopping. Great blog!

Happy blogging! :)

danielle said...

Oh, I love your blanket! Where can I find the pattern?

Sue Bridges said...

Just browsing and came across your blog, I love your knitting projects especially the baby blankets the stitchwork is great.

Karol's Kraft Korner said...

What beautiful work you do!! . .I am just new to knitting and hope to someday do such wonderful looking stitches . . but alas . . right now, can't see past K1 P2 . .:)