Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's been another month...

and I have been busy knitting reading, loafing, trying to keep up with housework. All have been successful except the last. I must confess, I'm lazy. I absolutely hate housework. All I can actually keep up with is the laundry, and maybe the dirty dishes, although right now they are overflowing the sink.

Below you see a picture of two cuties. The big one on the right is our dog, Ranger. The one on the right we puppy-sat for two nights. His name is Cooper, he's 3 months old, I think. And as you can see they wore each other out. I couldn't resist taking the pic.

The following three pictures are items I made and entered in our local county fair. The socks received a 2nd place red ribbon(obviously the judges didn't realize the stitching and work that goes into these small items from looking at the other entries last night) but I will take it.
This received a 3rd place white ribbon, and that's ok since it is not my best crochet work. It is a simple ripple crochet baby blanket. There were better entries than this one. I was not completely happy with this anyway, but it will make a nice baby gift someday.
This won a 1st place blue ribbon. It was the only knitted baby afghan entered in that category. Ha ha! That's the way to get first place!
I thought I did pretty well anyway.

Also my step grandson is growing fast! I will leave you with a cute photo of him taken last month.
And the girl in the photo is my youngest daughter, Sarah.

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