Monday, July 17, 2006

Just an update

I entered a few things in our county fair and here are the results. I really think the sock should have been a blue ribbon. They were in the adult clothing category and the only other item was a simple poncho. These two are the Gecko Eyes socks (entered into the Other Beaded Items category) and the Pink Lady Bag in a brown Manos yarn (entered in the Other Knitted Items category).
My Lucy Bag was entered into the Knitted Purse category.
A basket I made back in November. I usually make one or two every year.
We baby(dog) sat on Saturday. The grand dog, Abby. Isn't she getting big! It's been 4 weeks since Megan got her.
Oh, I found these five scarves while digging through some things and decided to add them to the Markey Cancer Center project, so that brings up our total to 141 scarves. Will definitely call tomorrow and see if I can get these items out of my living room.
My Diamond Fantasy shawl is finally finished! I wet it and pinned it out in the "extra" bedroom. It's the only place remotely big enough. Hopefully it will be dry tomorrow and I can take better pictures out in the sun (heat!)

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