Sunday, November 26, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

It's been a very nice and productive weekend. Our Thanksgiving actually started last weekend on Sunday, with a dinner at my MIL's house. Then Wednesday night, my brother's family and our family got together at a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner. On Thursday, it was just my husband, myself and Sarah for lunch so I didn't fix a big dinner. That evening we went to Megan's fiance's grandparents for dinner. That was it for the dinners for us. I just made some yummy turkey salad with the remaining turkey for this week. On the knitting front I finished and felted the two pair of slippers above and knitted up another pair which you can see below. I think it will be close but I might just get all the pairs made that I need. I thought I would start with the men's sizes since they are a lot bigger and take slightly longer to make.
Next you will see what our pets did this weekend with the beautiful weather. Here is Rusty out in the front yard enjoying the sun and leaves.
The "Queen" SiSi is staring so intently out the front door at a bird that she didn't even care when we set a silver bell ornament on her head.
Here is the "shy" dog, Sabrina waiting for me to notice that she wants supper.
This is the weird cat, Mittens. She spends a lot of time sleeping on one of our dining chairs.
Guess I'd better cast on for the next pair of slippers in red.


Helen said...

I've arrived at the dance a little bit late. Can you tell me what size of needles you used for the Forest Canopy Shawl in Schaefer Anne?

Sarah said...

I love that picture of Rusty in the leaves and sunshine- I bet he has really enjoyed this mild winter so far!