Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dog and socks

This is the old man of the pets...Rusty. He is almost 12 years old and is usally curled up in this same spot when I am sitting at the computer. If not there, then certainly no more that 6 feet away from me. He is a very sweet dog and will put up with a lot since Sarah could be very rough with him when she was younger and he would just put up with it or walk away, but never ever growled or bit at her.

This is my latest sock. It is the Inside out sock from the Blue Moon 2007 Sock Club. The colorway of the yarn is Monsoon. It's one I would never choose on my own, but I am really liking how this sock is looking. I am knitting this pattern two at a time on two size 2.00 mm circular Addis.
Hopefully I will be able to report a finish on these later in the week. I am on Spring Break this week and hope to get lots of knitting time in. TTFN!

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