Thursday, March 30, 2006

The latest...

Here are the purple Opal Evening Breeze Ripple Socks. And a close up shot of the stitch. It is a lacy ripple stitch and very nice.

Here are a couple of pink scarves I received on Wednesday (yesterday) to be taken to the Markey Cancer Center in July. These were sent by Mary in Washington state. I don't know the yarns used, but aren't they pretty?

The next 4 scarves I received today and are from June in Arizona. More beauty! The red scarf is the Irish Hiking Scarf using Caron Simply Soft. The navy scarf is a Drop Stitch using Caron Simply Soft again.

The first scarf on the left is a Diagonal Stitch using Patons Classic Wool and the one on the right uses Patons Country Garden DK in a Slip Stitch Rib. Such lovely work from two lovely ladies. Thank you all so much! Now I really must get cracking on my hats!


Anonymous said...

Edna, do I spy a scarf from the Diagonal eyelet pattern?? Does my heart good! Barbara

rachel said...

Hi! I came across your blog whilst searching for finish Irish Hiking Scarves, and yours looks great! I am doing mine in a coral red, and it is my first attempt at cables, and I'm loving it so far.