Friday, April 01, 2005

Uh, oh!

Ok. So I haven't posted since the middle of March. I have already broken one of my promises to myself that I would try to post at least once a week. So here I am to start again. I have been busy knitting although all I have finished is one pair of socks--the Stashbuster Spirals from the Six Sox Knitalong. They have posted a new pattern today as the sixth pattern and I have printed it out and need to rummage through my stash to find appropriate yarns to knit this one up. I was working on my latest socks -- Rainbow Ripples pattern using the Opal Elements -- but I left my bag in my daughter's car (actually my car, but she is borrowing till she can save money to replace the back tires on her car) on Wednesday afternoon, and I probably won't see her before Saturday night. So I went rumaging, knowing I have some things started here in my house that I hadn't finished. I am almost finished knitting the body of a Booga Bag in a long discontinued color of Noro Kureyon -- #36 -- very pretty pinks and purples. I have about 30 more rows on the body and then the i-cord straps to do and it will be ready to felt. Probably by tomorrow night. Anyway I hope so. Maybe I can take a picture and see if I can figure out how to post it to this blog... :-) This week has been Spring Break for our school system and I have accomplished nothing! I feel so guilty. But the whole idea of a vacation is to relax and refresh, so I guess I have done that. I have gotten lots more sleep this week. Then the time springs forward one hour this weekend which I like, but I hate the idea of losing an hour of sleep. One day to catch up is not enough. Wish we had another week off before facing the little darlings again. Ha! I have done some work this week, as I still worked my Weight Watchers meetings on Monday in Paris, and Tuesday in Cynthiana. I also started off my vacation by working 4 meetings Saturday morning in Lexington. Then I subbed for another receptionist on Thursday night in Carlisle. So I haven't been totally slothful. I did do some shopping on Wednesday, since I was in Lexington anyway, taking Megan back to her apartment. We went to Kohl's because they were having a big sale and I wanted to get one of those Dyson sweepers. The model I wanted, Animal, was out so all I got was a rain check. But at least it will be less expensive than I thought, so now I am back to plugging along with the old sweeper which does not pick up as well as I want. Two big projects I want to accomplish by the end of 2005 are getting my bathroom painted and ripping up the carpet in the hall and living room and replacing with some kind of wood flooring. I have everything I need for the bathroom, just not motivated to get it done yet. Perhaps this summer. I am still checking out flooring and prices for the other job. Well, the little darling of my own is whining about wanting on the computer and I really need to think about what I am cooking for supper and start gathering up for that. AND, I want to get back to knitting. So, if she is playing on the computer for a little while, maybe I can pop a DVD in and get some quality knitting done. Yay! TTFN! as Tigger says.

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